Indigo ‘Deconstructed Florals’ Course Premium Kit


Indigo a gogo Deconstructed Florals

Online Floral Art Course Premium Kit  now with bespoke 10ml watercolour tubes


Please allow up to 2 weeks as these kits are made to order in small batches

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My specially curated collection of art materials from Wallace Seymour 

Pip Seymour and Rebecca Wallace-Jones have created an extensive range of artists’ materials that give reverence to traditional methods while embracing the benefit of modern techniques and advances. Both artists, they use the highest quality raw materials, binders and pigments , making their paints and drawing materials a treasure for any artists’ palette.


Each set contains the following;


Ancient Drawing Material Chunks in Indigo, Indian Yellow and Munich Lake

Housed in a plastic jar for storage.


Watercolours in 10ml tubes;

Cobalt Turquoise Light Genuine- Deep Lustre Shade   A unique complex matrix of silver-graphite and intense pure Cobalt Turquoise Light. Dense, permanent, granulation on dilution with transparency as a wash. 

Carmine Munich Lake, Purple Red  Developed from the cochineal insect, this special natural lake pigment is hand-produced in Italy in small batches. Compared to standard Carmine, the colour is more purple-red and deeper in shade. Unique. Transparent. Reduced permanence when exposed to direct sunlight.

Indigo hue  Made from a natural black clay, infused with Antwerp Blue.

Tillyer Tees Blue   Special shade, mixed for English artist William Tillyer. Granular – shows exquisite turquoise under shade when pulled with water into a wash. Colour named after River Tees, Cleveland, England.

Iron Plum (Rudstone,Backbarrow Blue)  A Unique blend of Backbarrow Blue, a form of Ultramarine as produced tot he South of Windermere, Cumbria and milled with Yorkshire Rudstone. Strong, plummy blue-violet shade. The two colours are revealed when diluted. Semi-transparent, granulates.


Natural Plant Inks in 30ml Jars;

Kendal Green (Indigo+Stil de Grain) Liquid Ink 

Indigo pigment combined with Stil de Grain ( derived from berries of the buckthorn species Rhamnus saxatilis) The plant material is bound in a gel paste of Gum Arabic with preservative.   This is the traditional green textile dye colour as worn by Robin Hood!

Carmine Liquid Ink   Carmine Genuine from Peru