Indigo a Go Go Online Course

Would you like to join me on an arty creative Indigo exploration?

A few weeks ago a sample of a new art material arrived in the post – it was a large piece of the Indigo water soluble pastel from Wallace Seymour Fine Art Products – who incidentally (and rather conveniently) are based near me just over the border into Yorkshire!

Immediately I set to work and filmed myself experimenting with it onto some different paper surfaces, and the resulting recording led to requests to create this short course. So if you love to have permission to play, experiment and, in turn be inspired to investigate more, then do come and join this growing band of Indigo fans.



The course is structured to follow the pace of a real day workshop with progressive exercises that help to unlock a playful approach alongside the sparking of your natural curiosity in the wonderful properties of the materials themselves.

The exercises are all available as downloadable print-outs and are accompanied by films of my demonstrations and musings as I work… I even asked my friend and fellow artist, Dee Walker, to demonstrate how she works abstractly with the indigo – so much to inspire!

The review section at the end is there to show you how I develop my own work and to help you consider ways in which to develop the work you will have created throughout this course.

And there is more!

If you wish to show off your work online we are using hashtags within Instagram to support our Indigo journey there;

#indigoagogo #indigo #janettephillipsart

Plus you will also be invited to join an optional lively supportive Face Book group.

So, I really hope I have whetted your appetite, and you want to start watching your fingers turn blue too…


The investment for the course is £25 and the indigo can be purchased from me too to make it all a little easier…

Once I have processed your order I will be in touch to say hello and to organise sending the course content straight over to you.

If you would like to order the indigo first you can do so by email using the contact form


There is a range of size options to choose from (£5 – £12) and you can either collect it from me or I can pop it in the post for an additional charge. I have now successfully posted some to the USA and Canada so do not worry if you live outside the UK.

You can also buy it online in the UK through Art Req

And as always please do get in touch if you have any more questions and remember to follow and support our Indigo journey on social media too. x

Working with Wallace Seymour’s Indigo pastel





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