Art is made to be seen, to be enjoyed, to be talked about over dinner, to remind you of a moment, scent, place or feeling. My paintings are made to be remembered. They lift your spirits. Art is visual but loved through stories. My paintings will start stories of your own.

The daily stroll to my coastal studio never ceases to inspire me as I absorb the sights, sound and aroma of the earth, sea and sky. Engaged as I am every morning with this sparkling abundance of nature means that I have so much to be thankful for and to draw upon in my creative practice.

Following degrees in Design, Art History and Fine Art my creative practice today is underpinned with time spent drawing, looking, photographing, musing and I am thankful for the strong foundation upon which I constructed my own creative world. I’ve been a professional artist for over 20 years now and it still surprises me how much I still have left to do.
I love to work with arresting combinations of materials including watercolour, inks, pastels, collage and oils. Often working on multiple pieces at once my paintings evolve as I relax and allow the fluidity and character of my materials to communicate with my initial thoughts and marks. This ongoing dialogue between myself and the evolving painting is one of my favourite parts of the creative process.


Colour is always predominant in each and every painting series, I simply cannot suppress my urge to use it and why would I want to!

My use of colour seems to have the power to lift moods and carve positive spaces into people’s homes and this transformative effect still thrills me.

As a designer I’m fascinated by evolving trends and understand how important it is that paintings reflect your personality and fit into your home. I love how they can take on a new life, yours.

Living in the Lake District is both grounding and uplifting.  
I love being able to share my knowledge, enthusiasm and experience of the world around me as I inspire others to connect with their own creative spark.

Do get in touch if you would like to view my latest work, discuss a commission or arrange some personal art tuition.