Indigoagogo3, the Floral One…. getting ready to bloom

collaged floral inspired paintings

I recently completed a watercolour wedding bouquet commission ( here’s a favourite detail ) and after limbering up my ‘botanical and fluidity muscles’ I realised how much I had missed working with flowers and plants.


floral watercolour

wedding bouquet detail


You may have noticed that since my studio move I have become slightly obsessed with my view while using this as vehicle to really explore the potential of acrylics. I wanted to make them as fluid, lyrical and expressive as I could using glazes and layers to recreate the atmosphere and transience of the estuary. I drew from my experience of watercolours to create layers of visual texture while allowing the paint to settle and dry in its own way. As my marks have become more broad and confident the work has acquired a simplicity and strength that I am really proud of.

If you have been following my creative career for a while though you may have noticed that I enjoy the shift between landscape, floral, still life and abstraction. As the year has rolled over I have felt a strong desire to reconnect with my florals, focusing on pushing the expressive qualities of mark making while using collage to explore strong composition.

This aspect of my practice had already been whispering to me in October in response to a Wallace Seymour project in the Duddon Valley. Using their casein paints and plant inks I felt drawn to work in a calligraphic way to communicate my place next to this gentle stream under the boughs of the trees and supported by a grassy knoll. The shape of the trees themselves were just crying out to be translated into a fluid cursive language and it felt extra special to work with pigments made from the place in which we were painting.


Duddon Vallry photo

The Duddon Valley setting



Cursive; The Language of Trees


What was interesting was how this work was drawing upon the same visual language of my botanical work and also how much I enjoyed engaging with my watercolour brushes, paper and inks again.


expressive mark making

A collaged approach to the Duddon Valley experience



So fast forward to 2024 and this week has seen me back in my studio after a short break all fired up and ready to share my return to florals with you in the form of the long awaited course; Indigoagogo 3 ‘Deconstructed Florals’.

Indigo a gogo Deconstruted Florals

the waitlist is now open!


…for an ongoing exploration of materials, fluidity and expressive mark making but this time its all things floral and leafy!

But do not assume its going to be all light and pretty as I will be encouraging the creation of strong and powerful responses to the inherent strength and beauty of this most wonderful subject, with its wealth of visual and sensory information.

Using plants and flowers as our jumping off point we will be exploring mixed media drawing, painting and collage using a heady combination of watercolours, inks and drawing stones from Wallace Seymour. My studio has been turned into a colour laboratory this week as I have been curating a suggested kit for this floral version which will build upon the materials from the previous two indigoagogo courses.

art materials

In the studio colour lab!

If you would love to join me on this floral adventure then please do join the waitlist and while you are there you can see how the course is shaping up ready for its launch in February.

I will also be offering a live class on zoom around the launch date to welcome and encourage you with the chance to work through some of the exercises alongside me.


See you there 🙂

Wallace Seymour art materials

Choices Choices



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