Just Add Water to thrive in a Creative Permaculture

I have been so lucky over lockdown to have been part of a small informal group of artists who meet up on Zoom (where else!) where we work out our plans, hopes and dreams and set ourselves goals for the week ahead. One of the things that came out of this was how to work smarter not harder enabling us to reach, teach and inspire as many art lovers as possible while keeping our own energy and inspiration levels up.

Natalie Goldberg talks of ‘Composting’ around this need to self nurture and fill our own creative wells and I am loving these horticultural terms when considering the role of how we gather, cultivate and then sow our inspirations.

I have had such lovely feedback from my Patreon subscribers recently as they tell me how access to my meditative and informative films has helped them navigate the past challenging year and encouraged their own painting to thrive and flow despite the restrictions set in other areas of their life.

So in line with this permaculture ethos I have put together a curated selection of my Patreon posts in this loose ‘course’ format to give you a flavour of what you can expect to find in my watercolour lovers subscription group.

Just Add Water is really a meandering introduction and companion taster to my Patreon posts. As soon as you enrol you will access the opportunity to peek over my shoulder as I create a series of expressive and loose floral watercolours and to follow my own creative process as I develop a series of studies into more considered paintings. With tutorial films and projects that run alongside my own observations you will be encouraged to work alongside me as you investigate colour, line, shape, composition and texture inspired by your own beautiful floral subjects.

Follow this film link for a snapshot of what is in store if you decide to dip your toe into these flowing waters…

iris watercolour purple

A riot of blues and purples come together to describe these joyous iris






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