It’s time to reveal my Patreon offer to you…

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Staying Curious…

 “I believe that curiosity is the secret. Curiosity is the truth and the way of creative living. Curiosity is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. Furthermore, curiosity is accessible to everyone. ”

Elizabeth Gilbert   ‘Big Magic’


I love to set challenges and open up different channels of enquiry for both myself and others. This opening up to curiosity has been the main focus of my own art practise and my mentoring for the past 20 years, working with artists of all ages and levels from absolute beginners to more experienced practitioners. What people seem to love is my ability to point out those little things you can do to develop your painting or to make your work feel complete.

For my latest challenge I have set up this inspiring online offer using the Patreon platform because I love to build mutually beneficial relationships and connections. In pledging your support for me I will be able to offer you an insight into my creative process while nurturing your desire to reach a flow state in your own work and maybe even your life 🙂

I like this old-fashioned concept of bringing together a group of supporters, or patrons, to witness the nature of my evolving art journey where we can all benefit – I feel supported by you while you get to have shares in my bank of inspiration and knowledge;


  • Watch me paint and learn how I create flowing vibrant colour
  • Tune in to my creative thought processes in real time as I paint
  • Learn about every stage of my creative process – the set-up, the intention, the flow state and the final reflections
  • Understand how to make your paint flow with my inspiring tutorials which will encourage further investigation and the desire to connect on a visceral level with your materials
  • Connect with the natural process of applying pure pigment on paper
  • Learn to love watching paint dry
  • Count how many times I say my favourite word
  • Approach your art-making with curiosity and wonder
  • Adopt a creative journalling practise to support, inspire and document your unique journey
  • Make friends with your art materials, appreciate their inherent qualities and let them work for you
  • Make art that excites and surprises you
  • Look forward to creating joyous fluid watercolours that arise out of you own curiosity and creative journaling
  • Connect with others looking to dig deeper into the potential of fluidity and flow in a private FB group


I loved sharing my discovery of the Indigo pastel with so many of you recently in the ‘Indigoagogo’ course and I was really taken by surprise when so many of you embraced my ‘inquisitive’ method of tuition.

I think that this year in particular has highlighted our need to tune in and connect with our own creative force, and to connect with other artists all over the world.

Plus, I love the idea of staying curious… it is after all the main motivation in a creative life.

It is my curiosity that keeps me searching for and finding joy in everything. The simple joy I get from watching one colour move into another on a pristine sheet of paper, the joy of a new tube of paint colour, a different surface on which to try out my materials and the joy of responding to ‘accidents’ in an intuitive way. This flow state that we can access through our art is a gift that we should nurture.

As much as I love to stay curious, I do love to share!

My desire to tell everyone about my discoveries of new colours, materials and techniques has led to many happy years of teaching, both here in the UK and abroad on many painting retreats. And now I get to take this online and share my love of all things arty with even more of you – more joy!

You can access more of my enthusiasms and share my love and passion for colour, light, texture, pattern, line, movement and creative energy by choosing from a number of options in your support for me on Patreon: 

  • Tier 1 be inspired – watch me create a painting from start to finish in the meditative Paintscapes films 
  • Tier 2 be fully involved – follow my tutorial videos, process and behind the scenes films in Just Add Water
  • Tier 3 dig deep – access 1-2-1 In the Flow tutorials with me each month on Zoom

I am sure there will be something to suit you and I will of course be thanking you with bonus Patreon-only content from my studio too.

 I would love to be able to give you the confidence, the desire and the knowledge to develop your own art practice

and in doing so connect with like-minded artists who all want to celebrate a life filled with fluidity and creative flow.

So, If you have enjoyed working with me in the past, perhaps at my ‘real life’ workshops, painting holidays or more recently online, I hope you will feel encouraged to join me on Patreon too and invest in your own creative journey.

I would love to hear from you if you have any comments or questions about my new venture and I do hope you choose to support me.

See you there,