A Painter’s Painter

What a roller coaster the last 12 months have been with the inclusion of inspiring art courses, art and business mentors, and more recently art fairs. I have been painting now for 20 years which is scarily now a lot longer than my years as a graphic designer, and yet my design training still underpins my approach to my art. I like to feel that I bring a professional creative approach to the easel and I strive every day to make the best work that I can. I have never settled for painting work that ‘sells’ or that feels comfortable as I want to be forever searching and discovering that which helps me communicate my love of colour, pattern, line and texture. As a result of this I am constantly striving to create the pure sensation of my subject while exploiting and revelling in the tactility of my chosen medium.

So it feels like such an accolade to have been the recipient of an Artists Award at Bath Art Fair last week. I have previously been referred to as a ‘painter’s painter’ which does not necessarily mean lots of sales I am afraid but it does mean that other artists respond to and respect your work, which surely is a thing to celebrate.

The abstract artist Albert Irvin wrote;

  “And I struggle. Towards what? Impossible to say, but I can recognize it when I see it. An activity within the space of the painting that enables me to reach the world of my experience. If I could say what it was, it wouldn’t be worth painting.”

Over the weekend the majority of my sales were to artists visiting or participating at the art fair. The arrival of the lovely ‘Instafamous’ Alice Sheridan was the cherry on the top of the customer cake and it was lovely to see her experience a rush of excitiment as she selected one of my recent abstract paintings to take home. She decided on ‘Strandline’ because she recognised something in this painting that she was striving towards; a simplicity or succinctness that can only come with time and experience.

My art journey has always been underpinned by my teaching and this relationship has proved to be symbiotic in that both help to strengthen and give credence to the other. It is a pleasure to work alongside creatives, a lot of whom have been waiting for years to have the time to pursue their first love of painting, and to be able to share my knowledge and love of all things creative.

If you would like to see more of my work or join me in a workshop then do please keep an eye on the website or sign up for my ‘not quite as regular as it should be’ newsletter! There is a treat of a week about to be announced so if you like sunshine, sangria, art, yoga and swimming do keep in touch! I feel so many more turquoise paintings coming on…


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  1. ah thanks Maz – It is so lovely to be creating alongside such inspiring ‘sharers’ as Alice and yourself.

  2. Very, very many congratulations Janette. Creativity involves a lot of hard work and deep thought, both of which you give one hundred per cent to your paintings. It is a real privelege to have been there to experience the works evolve.

    And a very apt quote from Albert Irvin!

    1. Thank you Judith. I took the quote from a book about the artist Roger Cecil, whose amazing work passed under the radar for most of his life. Definitely a great book to seek out…

  3. Hi Janette,
    Your paintings are lovely and you are truly a wonderful colorist!
    How long will your Indigo a Go Go online courses be available?
    I have just ordered some of the supplies from England, could not find a supplier in the USA.
    Warmest wishes,

    1. Thank you Jeannie. My indigo courses will be available for at least until the end of 2023

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