A Little Musing on my Creative Process

I have spent the first half of this year on art courses, both on location in Yorkshire and online via the USA.  Although they were quite different in many ways they both seem to have been encouraging me to really connect with my inspirations whilst pinning down and clarifying my desires and intentions; what is The Big Idea? The Loud Conversation? How can we express this whilst at the same time whispering about the nuances that we so crave and enjoy; the quiet conversation, the subtle shifts that catch our eye? So I have decided, for now, to use this journal space to write about my own process and document that which manifests itself as a compulsion to draw and to paint and to lead a creative, inspired and I hope inspiring life. Right now we are so exposed to images on a daily basis sometimes it can be hard to know when to look and when to turn away. If we can keep a healthy balance between the enquiry and the distillation hopefully the ‘chemistry’ will be correct for our authentic art to develop. I now know that I need to turn inwards and collect my thoughts after being so open to others work and ideas over the previous months. I hope that you enjoy seeing how my work shifts over the second half of this year in the light of this knowledge and the desire to investigate deeper.


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