I have had a busy couple of  weeks since returning from Umbria with lots of inspiring activities and visits. After putting up the mixed exhibition at Plato’s in Kirkby we had a bustling preview night with wine and nibbles courtesy of the restaurant at Plato’s.
This was followed by 2 days carborundum and collagraph printing with Iain Sloane at the Brewery.  Having never done this type of plate making before it proved to be very interesting and productive as it offers the painter the opportunity to be quite painterly and intuitive. This coupled with the anticipation of the resulting prints as they are peeled off the plate makes the whole process quite addictive.
Here are some of the resulting prints…

A landscape which took on a life of its own
A lot of tile adhesive and carborundum grit
was used to get these textural marks
This is a print of the above onto gampi tissue interleaved
with my indigo dyed tissue papers.

I have also been adding to my bank of inspiration with visits to Tate Liverpool to see the Marc Chagall exhibition and London’s RA to see their summer show. Along with a couple of friends we managed to spend nearly 3 hours in there as there was a lot of interesting work this year. Well worth a visit if you have a few hours to spare…

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