Original artwork. A tiny pencil mark. A pastel smudge. Scraped paint. Ink splashes.
Brushmarks. All evidence of the maker and the artistic process.

Buying artwork is always personal. Making it is even more so.

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You can now work with me in online or in person.
For more information on all of the options available please visit the workshops page.

"I have attended a number of Janette's workshops and courses and without exception have found them to be enjoyable and informative. Janette is an inspiring teacher whose passion for her work shows in the ways in which she demonstrates and supports her students as well as in the access she gives in her studio, allowing us to see each stage of the process she goes through as a working artist." - Andrea


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โ€œLight, shadow, texture, even scents are all expressed in my work but above all, colour.
Joyous and infinite colour.โ€

Janette Phillips

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